Shochu & Awamori

Like whiskey, brandy and vodka, Shochu is a distilled spirit.

Shochu and Awamori are made from grains and tubers, sweet potato, grown in Japan's rich and varied climate, carefully fermented by koji (fermenting agent) and distilled. They have earned the appellation “KOKUSHU”: national alcoholic spirit because they embody the essence of Japan.

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Variety of Ingredients

Differ Greatly According to Their Ingredients

Most alcoholic beverages are made from a specific ingredient. For example, Scotch whiskey is made from barley. But Shochu is different. Each Shochu is made from each specific ingredient, and the variety of ingredients gives Shochu the wide range of tastes and flavors. Please try various tastes and flavors of various Shochu!

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How to Enjoy

Enjoy the Deliciousness of Japan

Shochu and Awamori are versatile liquors that excel in both their traditional serving methods and contemporary cocktails. Here are a few ways that you can easily try at home.

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Countless Food pairing

Enjoy Shochu and Awamori with Japanese cuisine and more

Shochu and Awamori pair well with not only Japanese cuisine but also western foods and Chinese. Enjoy the Japanese distilled spirits with any finest foods you like.

Health Effects

The Beneficial Health Effects

Produced from only natural ingredients, are low calorie and zero carbohydrate alcohol beverages. And contain an element that exerts a revitalizing effect on the enzyme urokinaze, which is known to help prevent stroke and heart attacks. Also these doesn't include impurities, it does not cause hangovers. unless over drunken.

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Visit "Information Center" in Tokyo

Near by the Japanese Government district

Please feel free to vitist "JSS information center" in Tokyo. Learn more about Japanese Sake, Shochu and Awamori with English spoken guide.

Nearest station:Tokyo Metro Ginza line Toranomon station.

Business hours:10am - 06pm JST on Weekdays. Closed on Weekends, Public Holidays year-end and New year holidays.

1-6-15 Nishishimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0003 Japan

Contact Information:+81-3-3519-2091