World-Class, distinctively Japanese distilled spirits

Shochu and Awamori, two traditional distilled spirits from Japan, have five centuries of history. Awamori is made in Okinawa, at the far southern tip of Japan, while shochu is produced throughout Japan, though mainly on the island of Kyusyu in southern Japan.

Japan is a relatively long, narrow country, stretching from north to south, with significant climate variation and unique cultural differences in each region. Shochu and Awamori are often made with ingredients unique to these landscapes, for drinks that embody a rich sense of history and natural features of the regions where they were made.

  • Delicious Pairing with Various Dishes

    Shochu and Awamori are versatile enough to be enjoyed before, during or after meals, and they pair well with all types of dishes. 

  • Crisp, Clean Flavor That Doesn't Overshadow Food

    In addition to pairing well with traditional Japanese cuisine such as tempra or sushi, shochu and awamori are delicious alongside other countries' cuisines, including Italian, French, and Chinese food. These spirits go especially well with rich, flavorful dishes, to serve as a refreshing palate cleanser.

  • Alcoholic Drinks to Enjoy in Everyday Life

    With their rich flavor and aroma, shochu and awamori can be enjoyed straight, mixed with hot water, on the rocks, in cocktails, and more, for a variety of options to choose from.
    And they're both low-calorie, with no sugars or purines.

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