“The god of rice” descends in Estonia

“The god of rice” descends in Estonia

Hello. I'm Shinji, from Estonia.

It seems that Tallinn has finally been released from the cold, the temperature has risen to 23 degrees Celsius today, and the color of fresh green has increased at a stretch (this year's Tallinn is said to be called the "European Green Capital").

Today, I chose the Rice shochu "KURO YASUNOSUKE (https://shochuawamori.com/products/kome-rice-shochu-kuro-yasunosuke)" from the four shochu items that were imported directly from Japan to Germany and delivered to my home in Estonia for test transportation.

On the Rocks, pairing with cheese and olives bought at the next supermarket ♪


It has a mellow aroma like shochu distilled at atmospheric pressure. The taste is soft and smart. It was a shochu that reminded me of people who came to Tokyo from the countryside and lived a stylish life in the city. By the way, Yamato Town, Kumamoto Prefecture, where the brewery is located, was the birthplace of Do As Infinity vocalist Tomiko Van.

Hope that It's a good idea to put a lot of ice in a glass and drink.




タリンもようやく寒さから解放されたようで、気温は23℃まで上がり、新緑の色が一気に増してきました (今年のタリンは「ヨーロッパ緑の首都」と呼ばれるそうです。)

日本からドイツへ直輸入し、試験輸送も兼ねてエストニアの自宅まで配達してもらった焼酎4アイテムの中から本日チョイスしたのは、米焼酎「黒保之助 (https://shochuawamori.com/products/kome-rice-shochu-kuro-yasunosuke)」です。



常圧蒸留の焼酎らしく香りはしっかり。味はやわらかくスマート。田舎から上京し、都会でスタイリッシュな生活を送る、そんな人達をイメージさせる焼酎でした。そういえば、蔵元がある熊本県山都町は「Do As Infinity」ボーカル伴 都美子さんの出身地でした。


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