Japanese Shochu has reached to Estonia

Japanese Shochu has reached to Estonia

Hello. I'm Shinji. I live in Estonia now.

It took time to import 240 bottles of shochu directly from Japan to Germany, but it was finally delivered to a warehouse in Germany. We decided to have several bottles of shochu delivered to Estonia for trial transportation. 

On May 31st, I requested a German vendor to deliver the item, and the item arrived at my home in Tallinn on June 6th. It didn't take a week.

As you can see in the picture, the packaging is solid. I was relieved.


There were no additional payments such as excise taxes when receiving the goods.

Immediately, I chose the barley shochu "GORIN SHO (https://shochuawamori.com/products/mugi-barley-shochu-gorin-sho)" from the shochu directly imported from Japan and used it as an evening drink. On the Rocks, pairing with a herring from the Baltic Sea.

In contrast to the fragrant aroma of wheat, the taste was sharp and it was a shochu that goes well with meals.

In the last cup, mixed with Hot Water, which is the great taste of barley shochu. It was this discovery that it went well with cheese.

Tomorrow, I will try the rice shochu “KURO YASUNOSUKE".












早速、日本から直輸入した焼酎の中から麦焼酎「五輪書 (https://shochuawamori.com/products/mugi-barley-shochu-gorin-sho)」をチョイスし、晩酌に。






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