Idiot Genius?

Idiot Genius?

Hello. I'm Shinji, from Estonia.

Today, I chose the Sweet Potato Shochu "BAKAYARO (" from the four shochu items that were imported directly from Japan to Germany and delivered to my home in Estonia for test transportation.

In Japan, it is popular as a gift for people who understand jokes.

The capacity is 900ml, which is different from the 720ml shochu that is often sold in European countries, but it was successfully imported.


Straight, pairing with roast pork♪

Currently in Japan, Shochu with a mellow aroma is popular, "BAKAYARO" also has a sweet aroma of potatoes, which made me calm. And it has a mild and rich taste.

I think it's a shochu that you can enjoy in various situations, such as when you want to get excited in a group, when you want to drink with your grown-up son, and when you want to feel surreal by yourself.

When I noticed, I emptied half of the bottle, and I reaffirmed my "stupid idiot (BAKAYARO)".











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