Angel's share

Angel's share

Hello. I'm Shinji, from Estonia.

We received a large order from a famous Japanese restaurant in southern Germany and successfully shipped it today.

This time, we have confirmed that payment by bank transfer can be done without any problems, and fulfillment is proceeding smoothly so far.

It will not take long because it is delivered within Germany, but I just hope that the shochu will be delivered to the customers safely.

Tonight's schnapps (although it's still bright outside) is "TENSHI NO WAKEMAE (".
It is one of the four shochu items that were directly imported from Japan to Germany and delivered to Estonia's home for test transportation.


I floated ice on a glass and paired it with peanuts and chocolate.
A refreshing and sweet barrel aroma with a rich and rounded taste. I tasted it slowly, like when I had a whiskey drink.

When I was feeling buzzed, I took a walk in the neighborhood as an evening cool. It's 9 pm, but it's still bright. The lilac flowers also seem to be approaching full bloom.






今晩(外はまだ明るいですが)のお酒は、「天使の分け前 (」です。






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